Life Empowerment Package

Life Empowerment Package

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First and foremost, we are spiritually guided practitioners. We are trained practitioners of Reiki and ThetaHealing®️We have manifested remarkable changes in our own lives through our spiritual practices. We can help you to discover and heal root beliefs that may be blocking you from your own success or joy. We utilize a number of different modalities (depending on our inner guidance) to aid you in your journey.

(Grand Opening Promotional Rate) $999

When this promotion ends, the price for this package will return to $1500.

In this High Value Package, You Will Receive The Following:

#1 Personal Consultation –

An individualized consultation to discuss your areas of focus, needs, goals, and dreams, etc. (30mins)

#2 Four ThetaHealing ® Sessions (each one lasting 75 minutes) 

Kelly or Sean will facilitate the session, working with Creator to help you arrive at the root belief at the core of your blockages and help you to release and heal. Each session also includes healing downloads from Creator.

#3 Four Reiki Sessions (each one lasting 60 minutes)

Relax comfortably in your own home for a 60minute distance Reiki session.

#4 Four Ho’oponopono/ Guided Meditation/ Breathing Sessions

Sean or Kelly will practice Ho’oponopono healing around his or her connection to you. He or she will also facilitate either a guided meditation with you or help you with breathing techniques depending on your personal preference.

A total of 12 one-on-one sessions and an individualized consultation!

Bonus: Option to listen to our unique guided meditation series while in-session! 

Are you feeling any of the following?

  • You have dreams but could use some help to reach them
  • Stuck
  • Anxious or overthinking
  • Desire to open up more to who you are
  • You would like to improve your self-confidence
  • A desire to manifest
  • A desire to improve your finances, your relationships, or your personal life, etc.
  • You would like help to shift your perspective

This package could help you make the changes you desire!

What some of Kelly and Sean’s clients are saying:

1.) About our distance Reiki – “…I felt instantly relaxed and for the first time, I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in days. I drifted off to sleep with pleasant dreams and woke up feeling positive and refreshed. I did not feel as dizzy and felt like my flame of energy had been ignited once more. Wonderful healing energy…”

2.) “… it feels like I have been breathing fresh cold winter air and can take really deep cleansing breaths”

3.) “…great to meet you and really enjoyed the chat and connection. And then there is you and your healing hands! Shoulder ache and inflammation has greatly subsided. And my poor sore thumbs are also feeling better. Am grateful to have your Reiki vibe give some relief. And your plan to make this a regular practice is a good one as I think you can really make a difference for many. Much luck. Bob”

4.) “Improved sleep & digestion, feeling calm”


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Be sure to choose Kelly or Sean as your practitioner when you check out. 

Sean works remotely. Sessions with Sean are conducted online via Zoom.