Kelly and Sean have been tutoring for a combined 20+ years. 

Kelly and Sean have also both worked as collegiate level professors (Kelly teaching English and Sean teaching Philosophy). 



At Balanced Enrichment, we offer customized tutoring based on the needs of an individual student. 

Our approach to tutoring is truly unique

As opposed to traditional academia and many other tutoring approaches, we do not teach merely to content. We teach to the whole student. 

Our tutoring takes a truly individualized approach based on the needs of your student. We developed a guided meditation series that may help students who are writing essays, preparing for exams, dealing with stress management or anxiety, etc. We also incorporate various modalities into our tutoring, ranging from guided meditation, guided journaling, self-compassion techniques, and sound bowl healing. 

Aside from 1-on-1 lessons, we also offer group workshops for specific skills such as our Writer's Workshop and Algebra Workshops.

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