First Month Introductory Rates To Celebrate Our Grand Opening 

In-Person Offerings: 

$77    $55 In-Person Traditional Usui Reiki (60mins)  

$99    $77 In-Person Reiki with Intuitive Messages (60mins) 

$111  $88 In-Person Intuitive Belief Work (75min session)

Distance Offerings: 

$77    $55 Distance Traditional Usui Reiki (60mins)

$99    $77 Distance Reiki with Intuitive Messages (60mins) 

$111  $88 Distance Intuitive Belief Work (75min session) 

Discovery Call: 

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call to Learn More (15mins) 

Reiki with Parts 1 and 2 of Guided Heart-Connection Meditation Series (30mins of Recorded Meditation Followed by Reiki) 

We Also Offer: 

Individualized Tutoring -- (Customized Per Student)

In-depth Educational Consult $99